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TSA Training Modules and Programs

General Manager

  • Managing Change: Building Competitiveness Through Change Management
  • Pro-Active Leadership: Become a Better Manager
  • Developing Effective Managers: Enhancing Leadership Skills for Managers
  • Effective Supervision: Improve your Leadership Skills as a Supervisors
  • Assertive Communication: Increasing Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Building Winning Teams: Become a Better Team Player
  • Achievement Motivation: Dare to Dream, Dare to Achieve your Goals
  • Effective Delegation: Achieving Better Results in the Workplace
  • Conflict Management: Enhance your Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Effective Time Management: Increase your Productivity with Time Management
  • Creative Problem Solving: Optimizing your Problem Solving Skills
  • Motivating People: Develop a Highly Motivated Work Force
  • Stress Management: Make the Most of your Life
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence at Work: Improve your Interpersonal Skills

Sales and Front Liner Series

  • Service Excellence: The Five Steps to Customer Satisfaction
  • Professional Image: First Impressions are Lasting Impressions
  • Effective Selling Skills: Improve your Self Confidence and Gain Bettter Results
  • Handling Complaint: Improving your Service Skills
  • Telephone Selling Skills: Increase your Sales through the Telephone
  • Customer Focused Selling: Understand Customer Needs and Deliver Solutions
  • Effective Negotiation: Achieving Win-win Solutions
  • Building Sales Productivity: Ten Steps to Improving your Sales Results
  • Developing Quality Services: Managing Organizational Service Excellence

Character Development Programs

  • Seven Steps to Success: Developing a Winning Attitude at Work
  • Challenge yourself to Excellence: If It’s to be, it’s up to Me
  • Be Positive, Act Positive: Creating a Positive Mindset for a Better Future

Human Resources Development Series

  • Effective Interviews: Interviewing Skills for Identifying Competencies
  • Conducting Training Needs Analysis: Optimizing your Training Efforts
  • Train the Trainer: Sharpening your Training Skills
  • Training Business Plan: Achieving your Business Results
  • Effective Performance Appraisal: Creating Business Results with Performance Management
  • Effective Coaching Skills: Developing Leaders as a Coach

Secretarial Development Series

  • Improvement Managerial Skills for Secretaries: Increase your Effectiveness as a Secretary
  • Effective Presentation for Secretaries: Improve Your Presentation Skills and Gain Better Results
  • PR for Secretary: Improve your Networking Skills and Deliver Better Results
  • How to Manage your Boss Effectively: Improve your Self Confidence and Enjoy your Work

One Day High Impact Seminar Series

  • Developing Personal Success: Improve your Visibility in the Working Place
  • How to Get More out of Your Day: Become a More Productive Person and Enjoy your Life
  • Effective Communication Skills: Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say
  • Writing for Results: How to Write and Gain a Better Impact
  • Handling Successful Upward Relationship: Improving your Communication Skills at Work
  • Productive Meetings: Achieving Better Results through Meetings
  • Power Presentation: Delivering Successful Presentations
  • Improving Quality Awareness at Work: Create Pride in the Workplace
  • Developing your Organization: Increase your Organizational Competitiveness

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