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A brief introduction to the Kolewa Foundation

Kolewa Foundation is an incredible foundation that helps Indonesian children in need. It is a private funded foundation that needs the help of businesses and volunteers in order to achieve their goals. You can contact them at

The aim of the foundation is to:

  • Renovate schools
  • Provide accommodation for children with a handicap
  • Help children with hearing impairment getting tested in Harmoni Hearing Centre
  • Provide hearing aid
  • Provide glasses
  • Provide children with special education, for instance at Swara Swari preschool
  • Educate parents about dealing with their child’s handicap
  • Help parents pay for their child’s surgery in case of cleft lip or open palate

Their objective is to help improve the situation of any Indonesian with a handicap who is living in isolation because of their disability. A great cause that needs our contribution!

Agridon Mandale

Meet Agridon Mandale, an 11 year old boy from Rote Island. He has been born with an open palate, which results in a bad health and struggling communications. It is very hard for him to talk and he has trouble swallowing his food. The air he breathes isn’t being filtered which makes it easy for him to get sick. Because of these health issues, he has been living isolated his entire life and he hasn’t been able to go school. The Kolewa foundation wants to help him. They will arrange transport to get him to Bali together with his parents. Then he will be treated in Bali and recover in the Smile House.

Money needed to change Agridon Mandale’s life

€500,-/ IDR 8.350.000,-



This is Rahman, and he has a big problem with an unknown cause. His head is getting more and more crooked, he is deaf in his left ear, he has a lot of headaches, back problems and he has an eye problem. His eye problem is what got it all started. He got treated for a lump in his eye in West-Sumba, but after the surgery he started to getting these other symptoms.

Kolewa foundation wants to get Rahman to come to Bali for further examination. To get him here, money is needed for transport, his stay and some supervision. The exact costs for his treatment are unknown, but Kolewa foundation is trying to get some government aids for his treatment.

Money needed for his transport, stay and examination

Between €500,- and €700,- / IDR 8.350.000,- – IDR 11.650.000,-


For more information, you can access Kolewa Foundation website at or contact us.

Bali Team Building Company has made the commitment to support Kolewa foundation by helping 6 children per year. Since we strongly believe these children need our support, we hope our clients and partners will help us change these kid’s life.

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