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Bali Escape Hunt

Bali Escape Hunt

A crime has been committed!
Play detective to solve the case and escape the room within 60 minutes.

The Escape Hunt Experience

The Escape Hunt Experience is a real life escape game and the global leader in its field with branches worldwide.

During the game, players (in teams of 2 to 5 people) are locked inside a room with little decoration. They will need to find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape within 60 minutes.

The players need to be observant and to use their critical thinking skills to find the solution. All games can be solved but are challenging, requiring a good teamwork, observation, problem solving and communication skills.

Because of this unique combination, The Escape Hunt Experience is the perfect activity for corporate groups.

It’s exciting, addictive, challenging, educational and fun!

We have 6 game rooms with 3 different adventures. The themes will change regularly and currently we offer:

Poisoning in the Restaurant
Kidnaping at the Nursery
Robbery on the Beach

At The Escape Hunt Experience, we aim to give you a fully customized experience so we can adapt to your specific needs to guarantee a successful business event.

Your visit will follow this format:

  • Pre-game briefing (15 minutes)
  • Play one of our games (60 minutes)
  • Relax, enjoy a refreshment and take some great souvenir pictures in our Sherlock Holmes outfit (15 minutes)

You will also get a complete and exclusive of our elegant lounge area.



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