This month: free Photographer* for each team!


CSR6 programs

Creation of special team programs focusing on helping communities at the same time as having fun

Outbound Bali9 programs

Our repertoire of Outbound programs are designed for a communicative and fun experience.

Masterpiece4 programs

Masterpiece is a fun team building experience that uses Bali’s music and dance traditions.

We Build8 programs

We build is a great way of Team Building, it is focused on creativity. Finding solutions

We Create7 programs

Creation of special team programs that are more mind rather then building skilled oriented

Dragon Boats1 game

Teamwork is key when you race dragon boats. Paddlers learn the art of syncing to make them glide as smooth as silk

Child Special Rescue

DMC Bali Plus has made the commitment to support Kolewa…


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What to bring

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